Venerable Pope Pius XII (1939 to 1958)
Quotes On The Importance Of Eucharistic Adoration

image Especially thru his 1947 Encyclical "Mediator Dei" (On the Sacred Liturgy) Pope Pius XII began a new stage in the Church's teaching on the efficacy of prayer to Jesus really present in the Sacrament of the altar.  Here are some of his quotes on the importance of Eucharistic Adoration in our lives:

April 26, 1935 - Cardinal Pacelli (before he became Pope Pius XII) Speech In Lourdes France
  • "The Sacred Heart of Jesus clearly revealed to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque the overwhelming sadness caused to him by the ingratitude of those who are consecrated to him most intimately. Let us ask him in earnest prayer to have pity on them at last. May those Eucharistic days, devoted to perpetual adoration, be also days of expiation and ardent prayer for sacrilegious priests!"

    Nov. 20, 1947 - "Mediator Dei (On The Sacred Liturgy)" Encyclical
  • "There has been a deeper grasp by the Church of every aspect of the mystery of the Eucharist. But one that merits special attention is the growing realization, not only of Christ's sacrificial oblation in the Mass, but of His grace-filled presence outside of Mass."
  • "The key to seeing why there should be a Eucharistic worship distinct from the Mass is that the Eucharist is Jesus Christ. No less than His contemporaries in Palestine adored and implored Him for the favors they needed, so we should praise, thank Him, and implore Him for what we need."
  • "The Church in the course of centuries has introduced various forms of Eucharistic worship including adoration of the Blessed Sacrament publicly exposed. To be stressed is that this is not a merely passing devotional practice. It is founded on divinely revealed truth."
  • "The Sacred Councils teach that it is the Church's tradition, right from the beginning, to worship 'with the same adoration the Word Incarnate as well as His own flesh,'... It is on this doctrinal basis that the cult of adoring the Eucharist was founded and gradually developed as something distinct from the sacrifice of the Mass. The reservation of the sacred species for the sick and those in danger of death introduced the praiseworthy custom of adoring the blessed Sacrament which is reserved in our churches. This practice of adoration, in fact, is based on strong and solid reasons. For the Eucharist is at once a sacrifice and a sacrament; but it differs from the other sacraments in that it not only produces grace, but contains in a permanent manner the Author of Grace Himself."
  • "When the Church bids us to adore Christ hidden behind the Eucharistic veils and to pray to Him for spiritual and temporal favors...she manifests faith in her divine Spouse who is present beneath these veils, she professes her gratitude to Him, and she enjoys the intimacy of His friendship."

    May 31, 1953 - Allocution
  • "The Blessed Eucharist is for Its adorers an inexhaustible source of light and strength. Those who, especially in the silent hours of the night, gather together in adoration with the Angels and render to the Lamb, who was immolated, the thanksgiving due to Him, draw abundantly for themselves and for all the Church waters from the fountains of the Savior."

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