Pope Leo XIII (1878 to 1903)
Quotes On The Importance Of Eucharistic Adoration

imagePope Leo XIII had the privilege of opening the first International Eucharistic Congress in 1881.  He praised and encouraged the laymen for their part in helping to bring about the Congress and its resultant "nocturnal" adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Here are some of his quotes on the importance of Eucharistic Adoration in our lives:

May 28, 1902 - "Mirae Caritatis (On The Holy Eucharist)" Encyclical
  • "Works of this kind (Eucharistic Adoration) which have been already set on foot must be ever more zealously promoted."
  • "Old undertakings must be revived wherever perchance they may have fallen into decay such as intercessory prayers before the Blessed Sacrament."
  • "This Sacrament (the Eucharist) the object of public to be regarded as the centre towards which the spiritual life of a Christian in all its ambit gravitates; for all other forms of devotion, whatsoever they may be, lead up to it, and in it find their point of rest."

    Other Pope Leo XIII Eucharistic Adoration Quotes
  • "The devotion which God sends to the succor of His Church and of the nations at the present time is the devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist. It is the highest of all devotions."
  • "Our own belief is that the renovation of the world will be brought about only by the Holy Eucharist."

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