Pope Francis (2013 to Present)
Quotes On The Importance Of Eucharistic Adoration

imagePope Francis was elected Pope on March 13, 2013 at the age of 76.  He was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on December 17, 1936 and began his public ministry when he was ordained a Jesut Priest on December 13, 1969.  He became a Bishop in 1992 when he was appointed Tituliar Bishop of Auca and Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires.  Later he became Archbishop of Buenos Aires, a post which he held until he became Pope. He was created a Cardinal in 2001 when he was appointed the post of Cardinal-Priest of San Roberto Bellarmino.  He also served as Ordinary of the Ordinariate for the Faithful of the Eastern Rites in Argentina in 2013.  Very dedicated to the Eucharist and Mary he sees devotion to both as inseperable.  Here are some of his quotes on the importance of Eucharistic Adoration in our lives:

2001 - Letter From Cardinal Bergoglio To Catechists In Archdiocese Of Buenos Aires
  • "The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that in the Eucharist we find all the good of the Church.  In it we have the certainty that God is faithful to His promise and stays with us until the end of time (Mt. 28.20)...  In (our) visits and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we experience the closeness of the good Shepherd, the tenderness of His love, the presence of (a) faithful friend.  We ... all experience (this) large support (in our lives) provided by faith (and our) personal and intimate dialogue with the (Lord in the Eucharist)."

    2005 - Cardinal Bergoglio Homily On Ocassion Of Pope John Paul II Death
  • "John Paul was simply consistent.  He never deceived, he never lied, he was never evasive.  John Paul communicated with his people, with the coherence of a man of God, with the consistency of someone who spent long hours in Adoration each morning, and as he adored he allowed himself to come into harmony with the power of God.  Consistency is forged in the heart through (Eucharistic) adoration."

    June 17, 2006 - Homily On The Feast Of Corpus Christi
  • "The certainty of this Bread Of Life is clear.  That is why we love the Eucharist and adore it."

    June 18, 2008 - "The Eucharist, Gift Of God For The Life Of The World" Catechesis at Intern. Eucharistic Congress
  • "The love and admiration we spontaneously feel for Our Lady and the Eucharist must be cultivated in our Church."

    Sept. 11, 2008 - The Aparecida Message To Priests
  • "Being Christian is not the result of an idea, but the encounter with a living person."

    July 7, 2013 - Homily During Sunday Mass
  • "...Dear young people discerning your vocations: evangelization is done on one’s knees... .  Always be men and women of prayer!  Without a constant relationship with God, the mission becomes a job.  The risk of activism, of relying too much on structures, is an ever-present danger.  If we look towards Jesus, we see that prior to any important decision or event he recollected himself in intense and prolonged prayer.  Let us cultivate the contemplative dimension, even amid the whirlwind of more urgent and pressing duties."

    Oct. 12, 2013 - Video Message To Marian Shrines Around The World
  • "This evening I am united to all of you in praying the Holy Rosary and in Eucharistic adoration under the gaze of the Virgin Mary. ... In the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Mary says to us: "Look at my son Jesus, keep your gaze fixed on him, listen to him, speak with him. He is gazing at you with love. Do not be afraid! He will teach you to follow him and to bear witness to him in all that you do, whether great and small, in your family life, at work, at times of celebration. He will teach you to go out of yourself and to look upon others with love, as he did. He loved you and loves you, not with words but with deeds"."

    May 31, 2013 - Feast Of Corpus Christi Homily
  • "Let us ask ourselves this evening, adoring the Christ truly present in the Eucharist: do I let myself be transformed by Him?  Do I let the Lord who gives Himself to me, guide me to come out more and more from my little fence, to get out and be not afraid to give, to share, to love Him and others?"

    Nov. 24, 2013 - "Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy Of The Gospel)" Apostolic Letter
  • "Without prolonged moments of adoration, of prayerful encounter with the word, of sincere conversation with the Lord, our work easily becomes meaningless; we lose energy as a result of weariness and difficulties, and our fervour dies out.  The Church urgently needs the deep breath of prayer, and to my great joy groups devoted to prayer and intercession, the prayerful reading of God’s word and the perpetual adoration of the Eucharist are growing at every level of ecclesial life."

  • "How good it is to stand before a crucifix, or on our knees before the Blessed Sacrament, and simply to be in his presence! How much good it does us when he once more touches our lives and impels us to share his new life! What then happens is that 'we speak of what we have seen and heard' (1 Jn 1:3)."

    Dec. 7, 2014 - Angelus Address At The Vatican
  • "We cannot be messengers of God's consolation if we do not experience first the joy of being consoled and loved by Him.... When we remain in prayerful silence in His presence, when we meet Him in the Eucharist or in the sacrament of Reconciliation.  All this consoles us!"

    Other Pope Francis Quotes On Eucharistic Adoration
  • "What I really prefer is adoration in the evening, even when I get distracted and think of other things, or even fall asleep praying. In the evening then, between seven and eight o’clock, I stay in front of the Blessed Sacrament for an hour in adoration."
  • "If we are to know the Lord, we must go to Him.  Listen to Him in silence before the Tabernacle and approach Him in the Sacraments."

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