Jesus Is Waiting For Us To Spend A Special Hour
A Meditation On What Jesus Might Say To Each One Of Us About Visiting Him

I am waiting here for you here to sign up for one special hour a week with Me

Since October 2012 I have been waiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at St. Francis's Chapel for you to sign up for a special hour a week to share my Love with you.

I created the universe with you in mind.  Two thousand years ago I came to earth to show my love for you.  I instituted the Eucharist and died on the Cross thinking of you all the time.  I have been waiting anxiously for 2000 years for my personal meetings with you to pour out upon you this burning Love I have for you.  I still suffer to this day from loneliness and rejection in the Eucharist, just as I did 2000 years ago, offering my sufferings up to the Father, waiting for you to quench this suffering of mine.  It is you, and you alone, that can do this.  No, not the person to the right or to the left of you; no, not a person that’s holier than you; no, not a person that has more time on their hands; only you.  I have done everything for you and given all I can give for you. I do not know how to do more, give more, and suffer more for you to show my love for you to bring you to heaven.

Despite over 2000 years of suffering for you I am asking one simple thing from you.  Just one specific hour each week to come and visit me.  At our precious meetings you will quench my suffering and I will pour out my Love upon you.  When I opened the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at this location in Traverse City I again had you, and you alone, in mind to make it easier to do this.  I have now been waiting at this Chapel location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since 2012 for you to sacrifice and sign up for just one specific hour a week.  My continued suffering and overpowering infinite Divine Love for you is either quenched or vanquished by one thing and one thing only - your response to this clarion call of Mine.  In the Garden of Gethsemane I was also thinking of you specifically when I asked “Will you not watch one hour with me?”.  I am asking this again of you today - please sign up for this one special hour a week with Me.  After all, this is what I came to earth for and instituted the Eucharist for - to share my Love for you.

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