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Quotes On The Importance Of Eucharistic Adoration

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St. Mary Frances Of The Five Wounds (1715 - 1791)
Stigmatist and member of the Third Order Of St. Francis
St. Mary Frances had such a great love and devotion for the Blessed Sacrament that almost every time she adored the Holy Eucharist she fell into ecstasy. She would seek out churches where Forty-Hours was being celebrated and would spend entire nights in adoration. Later on in life she committed to visiting the Blessed Sacrament thirty three times a day in honor of our Lord's thirty three years of life on earth. While we cannot hope to do all St. Mary Frances did we can at least follow her footsteps and volunteer to cover one specific Holy Hour a week at the Eucharistic Adoration program at our local church.

St. Benedict Joseph Labre (1748 to 1783)
He was called "The Beggar Of Perpetual Adoration"
Sought out by people of his time for spiritual direction, he was a homeless beggar who spent hours in ecstasy before the Blessed Sacrament in St. Peter’s and other churches of Rome.

St. Paul Of The Cross (1694 to 1775)
Founder of the Passionists and great Mystic of the 18th Century
"Let weak and frail man come here suppliantly to adore the Sacrament of Christ, not to discuss high things, or wish to penetrate difficulties, but to bow down to secret things in humble veneration, and to abandon God's mysteries to God, for Truth deceives no man—Almighty God can do all things. Amen."

"Visit the Blessed Sacrament often; there is your true life."

"Be special adorers of the Divine and Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, which is the heavenly food of the soaring eagles, that is, of the souls advanced in holiness…and thank Him unceasingly for having left us such an infinite Treasure."

"Above all else, I rejoice in the Lord that you may often find yourself plunged and immersed in the Sacred Passion of Jesus and in the great furnace of His Eucharistic Presence, that here you may drink torrents of burning love and be adorned with the treasures of divine grace and virtue."

Pope Clement XIII (1758 to 1769)
Promoted Eucharistic Adoration and made rules for Forty Hours
Pope Clement XIII promoted Eucharistic Adoration and published specific rules for the proper adoration at a Forty-Hours devotion (continues Eucharistic Adoration for Forty hours):
1) The Blessed Sacrament is always exposed on the high Altar, except in patriarchal Basilicas.
2) Statues, relics and pictures around the Altar of Exposition are to be removed or veiled.
3) Only Clerics in surplices may take care of the Altar of Exposition.
4) There must be continuous relays of worshippers before the Blessed Sacrament and should include a Priest or Cleric in major orders.
5) No Masses are to be said at the Altar of Exposition.

St. Gerard Majella (1726 to 1755)
Religious, Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers
"What great strength souls receive who lovingly visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Let’s all go see Jesus, Our Prisoner of Love. Suffer only for God and your sufferings will bring you heaven on earth."

"The Most Blessed Sacrament is Christ made visible."

St. Leonard Of Port Maurice (1670 to 1740)
Franciscan Priest and aesthetic writer
St. Leonard, upon arriving at any church, would always go visit the Blessed Sacrament before doing anything else. He preached and practiced devotion to the Holy Eucharist, in ones spiritual life, as the main means of resisting mortal sin. One thing that was closest to his heart was the introduction of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration of which he succeeded in 130 parishes during his lifetime. Preaching about the necessity of conversion St. Leonard urged people to go before the Blessed Sacrament : "Brothers, at the feet of Our Lord, let us protest that we want to save our soul, cost what it may. Let us all say to Him with tearful eyes, 'Good Jesus, I want to save my soul,' O blessed tears, O blessed sighs!".

"Adoration: The first obligation by which we are bound toward God is to honor Him. It is indeed a precept of the natural law itself that every inferior owes homage to his superior, and by so much the higher the superiority, so much the deeper the homage that should be offered."

"And He who resides on the throne of His greatness, He it is that must needs descend to lay himself a Victim on our altars, in order that the homage rendered may perfectly correspond to the eminence of that infinite Majesty."

Bl. Peter Vigne (1655 to 1729)
French Priest and founder of the Sisters Of The Blessed Sacrament
"Jesus, so ardently loved, would that you were known everywhere, so that the world would glorify you, who wish to remain hidden under the appearance of bread and wine until the end of time."

"Lord, give me a love which is ever eager to live as you would have me live. May I always wish to glorify you and never forget your Presence."

St. Thomas Of Cori (1655 to 1729)
Franciscan Priest known as the Apostle Of Sublacense Italy
All of our Saints found great solace in Eucharistic Adoration. They found the reinvigorating graces and energy there to go and minister in their apostolates. St. Thomas of Cori was no different. Mass and Eucharistic Adoration was extremely important to him, at the very core of his spiritual life, from which he would go forth to preach the Gospel, administer the sacraments and work miracles in Italy.

St. John Baptist de la Salle (1651 to 1719)
Founder of the Institute Of The Brothers Of The Christian Schools
"Learn from Jesus by often being in his company."

St. Louis De Montfort (1673 to 1716)
French Priest and a candidate to become a Doctor Of The Church
St. Louis De Montfort considered Eucharistic Adoration after Mass so important, in thanksgiving for the graces and blessings, that he use to say, "I would not give up this hour of thanksgiving even for an hour of Paradise".

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