14th Century Saints
Quotes On The Importance Of Eucharistic Adoration

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St. Catherine Of Siena (1347 to 1380)
Doctor of the Church, Virgin, Third Order Dominican
"We humbly adore Thee in this Sacrament of Thy power and love. We will ever honor Thy adorable person by coming into Thy sacred presence with due reverence, and will strive to repair the outrages offered to Thee by loving and venerating Thee with all our hearts."

Blessed Henry Suso (1295 to 1366)
German Dominican Mystic
"Nowhere does Jesus here our prayers more readily than in the Blessed Sacrament."

Blessed Richard Rolle Of Hampole (1290 to 1349)
Mystic, Hermit, and religious writer
In his writings Blessed Richard Rolle would exhort people to go to Church and adore the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar: "In the church is most devotion to pray, for there is God upon the altar to hear those that pray to Him and to grant them what they ask and what is best for them."

St. Juliana Falconieri (1270 to 1341)
Foundress of the Sisters Of The Third Order Of Servites
St. Juliana had a great reverence and devotion to our Lady of Sorrows and to the Blessed Sacrament. Thru her adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, often in ecstasy for days, she saved the Servite Order. On the day of her death and gravely ill, she begged to be allowed once more to see and adore the Blessed Sacrament. It was brought to her cell and reverently laid on a corporal, which was placed over her heart. At this moment she expired, and the Sacred Host disappeared. After her death the form of the Host was found stamped upon her heart, at the exact spot over which the Blessed Sacrament had been placed.

Blessed Imelda Lambertini (1322 to 1333)
Patroness of First Communicants and Dominican Convent student
Blessed Imelda had a fantastic devotion to the Eucharist and an overwhelming desire to receive her first communion at an early age. So much so that upon reception of her first communion God took her straight to Heaven.

St. Elzear Of Sabran (1286 to 1323)
Third Order Franciscan
"Go often to visit our amiable Lord Jesus Christ in the holy sacrament. Enter in spirit His Sacred Heart. You know that to be my constant dwelling. You will always find me there (in adoration)."

St. Angelo Of Foligno (1249 to 1309)
Widow and 13th Century Mystic
"It is the Sacrament of Love that excites the soul to ardent prayer. It stirs up the virtue of impetration and, as it were, forces God to grant our petition. It deepens the abyss of humility, above all it enkindles the flame of love in the heart; hence the Sacrament is the Gift of gifts, and the Grace of graces..."

"If we but paused for a moment to consider attentively what takes place in this Sacrament, I am sure that the thought of Christ's love for us would transform the coldness of our hearts into a fire of love and gratitude."

St. Gertrude (1256 to 1302)
Benedictine Nun and 13th Century Mystic
"I understand that, each time we contemplate with desire and devotion the Host in which is hidden Christ's Eucharistic Body, we increase our merits in heaven and secure special joys to be ours later in the beatific vision of God."

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